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Al finally made his way to Northern New York, just before Thanksgiving.  Below are some pics that I took to commemorate the event.  Unfortunately, due to camera problems, I wasn't able to take as many as I had wanted, but here's what I did get...


Al arrived in a rather cramped travel case.  The whole stik-family came out to greet him.


Henry, the friendliest of my Stikfas, was quick to welcome the tired traveler.  Pictures of the celebration dinner that followed will be added soon.


This is the blueprint that travels with Al.  This pic and the one below it are being posted at the request of JiggsH9000.


Normally, I wouldn't say that a blueprint deserves two different pics, but this shot is a better reference as to its sheer size.  It also gives you a little glance of my work room.  And yes, I like Star Wars a little bit.


This is a picture of Al with my oldest daughter, Kenna, and a custom of her own design (oddly enough, also named Kenna).


This last is a group shot of Al, Kenna, Kenna, Me, and my youngest daughter, Peyton.