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Stikfas Workshop
Contest Fodder
Sample Project
Craftsman Guild Tips
Shootin' Gallery
Photoshop Posters


Raving Toy Maniac - general action figure news

Action Figure Times - more action figure news

Wizard/Toyfare - not as much news, but a darn fine publication (Toyfare)

Custom Stikfas

Dirty Fingers Gallery - where the customizers go to show off

The Stikfanatics Asylum - where the customizers go to socialize

Other Links

Star Wars - the official SW site

The Raider - unofficial Indy Jones site with tons of stuff

Brick Link - LEGO pieces sold individually by thousands of vendors

O.K. Here is the obligatory links page. I have included sites that offer toy related news, some great custom sites, and a few of my other favorites. Of course the best starting point would have to be:

And my e-mail: