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I've also been busy making custom accessories to go with my Stikfas.  Below are those that haven't been included in the character pics.


This is my Stikfas brand chainsaw.  The body is Sculpey III, and the blade is an old credit card.  The handle is from the riot shield.  Aside from Steve's hook, which was more for photo purposes only, this was the first custom accessory I made.

The Walther PPK was actually a bi-product of my biggest custom to date.


Taking more of a minimalist approach, I created these two nickel plated .45's out of ladder rungs and a coffee stir-straw from Wendys.  I used craft glue to seal up the holes (not the barrel) and a silver paint pen to get the finish.


This is a Mossberg custom pump.  It has the extended 8 round magazine, pistol grip, and a corrosive-resistant finish.  Note the side eject port.  That was done by heating a screwdriver and melting the plastic.


This is the biggie, a custom built attack motorcycle.  It is equipped with two front facing .32 cal. machine guns and one rear facing .50 cal. belt feed machine gun.