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All of the Tips in this section relate to the addition of accessories to Stikfas, including tools, weapons, and even appendages.

I drilled holes in the appropriate spots on the t-bolt and b-nut and then cut lengths of rubber tubing and inserted hard detail wire inside for support and poseability (poseability sucks by the way) and then snipped ball joints from the c-clips and sanded down the stump, and glued em into the ends... Looks great, but the tentacles are a little thin and it's difficult to pose. I'm gonna keep the guy I made, but I'd like to try and improve on the design. ~SWhite 74

Click here for PopeRocket's detailed instructions on making swords out of the extra frames.

Click here for Panzerbanana's detailed instructions on making anatomically correct wings for your Stikfas customs.