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All of the Tips in this section will be directly related to the application of paint to Stikfas.


There's basically 2 choices of brushes. Sable (horse arse hair) brushes and Nylon/Taklon (barbie doll hair) brushes.  I personally find that the tips of Nylon/Taklon brushes bend and fray quite quickly when painting miniatures, because miniatures cause quite a high level of wear and tear on the brushes. But some people enjoy using them.  Don't bother getting those $15 dollar brushes either, I find that they don't really work or last much better than $5 ones. ~MichaelSNG

I don't know if anyone else has discoverd this, But I just realized how to keep paint at the knees from being scraped off when bending the leg. Simply shave or if you can sand the inside of the thigh, the part that extends over the lower leg. You can't even tell what's been done and your paint is kept unscraped. ~Panzerbanana