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Here they are!  The newest kits to be announced by Stikfas.


Delta Boy Extreme, pulling off an extreme stunt.  As you can see, he comes with a skate board, pads, and the mandatory backwards ball cap.  His frame is appropriately smaller than the Alpha Male, making him perfect for those "Elvish" customs.


Here's the Mechana Segmented Robot, with a bear sidekick.  He's very stylish with an Asian/retro vibe.  No word yet as to the scale of this guy, but I'm hoping he's considerably bigger than the Alpha Male.  He's an old-school robot with a ray-gun, he needs to be BIG.


The Alpha K-9 Police Unit is one of the more understated kits in this wave, but no less anticipated.  Is it the badge and cap?  No, I think it's more the dog.  I know at least one 4 year old who is going to want a Scooby Doo custom, but I was thinking along different lines.  Lycanthropy, anyone?


Ah, the Dragon with Beta Female Rider.  Not much can be said about the Beta Female that isn't going to come off sounding crude and sexist.  Let's just say that we've been waiting for someone like her for quite some time now.  And the Dragon?  Simply amazing.  If I only had those wings when I was working on my Guardian Angel custom.