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Hasbro Mix-Up?  Omega Shortage Looms

03-04-03  It's a all to common problem with mass production, a mistake is made, again, and again, and again.  Hasbro is not immune to such errors, and one has been discovered with the Omega Knight kits.  Many of the kits have been released not with an Omega body, but with an Alpha.  Why is this a problem?  The Omega is a slightly larger, bulkier figure, and the accessories are designed to fit that body type.  While an Alpha will work in a pinch, the belt will not fit, and the chest and shouldter armor will look too big.  How do you know if you've got the Alpha?  If you haven't put it together yet, check the frame.  It will either say "Alpha" or "Omega".  If it has the "Alpha" label, contact Hasbro.  So far, Hasbro has been very good about rectifying the problem; however, it has been noted that they are running low on Omega parts, so a delay may be unavoidable.  Good luck, and I hope all of your Knights are Omega Knights.

ToyFare Contest Near End

03-04-03  For the past two months, ToyFare has been accepting submissions in a Stikfas Custom Contest.  While I know that this is not exactly new news, I saw no reason to advertise a contest that I intended to enter (with my customizing "ability", the less competition the better).  Having completed my submissions, I now feel it safe to spread the word.  The contest asks for pictures of original, un-licensed Stikfas customs, along with an original entry form. A photocopy may be used, but it cannot be filled out prior to duplication.  Don't ask me why... those are just the rules.  The grand prize, while not exactly Price-is-Right scale, does offer the winner & a guest two tickets (coach class) to Hasbro HQ in Rhode Island, one night accomodation in a hotel of their choice (I doubt it'll be a suite at the Hilton), and one kit each of the Fireman, Samurai, and Omega Knight.  25 first place winners just get the kits.  While it would be nice to visit Hasbro, I would be happy with the kits, so I guess I'll let some one else win the grand prize.  Yeah, that's my excuse. 

New Kits Revealed!

01-02-03  It became a very happy holiday season for Stikfans when the toy-gods in Singapore unveiled pics of the next wave of kits.  With the Firefighter, Samurai, and Knight just beginning to ship, Banyj and BH decided to give us something new to drool over.  With a tentative release month of April, we are awaiting the arrival of Delta Boy Extreme (complete with ball cap and skate board) and the Mechana Segmented Robot (with a little Bear buddy and ray -gun).  May brings us the Alpha K-9 Police Unit kit (an Alpha Male with a police dog).  The final kit, set to arrive in June, is the unbelievable Dragon with Beta Female Rider (perfect for battling the Omega Knight).  Stikfan's had been promised big things in 2003, and it looks like the folks at Stikfas and Hasbro are intent on delivering!

ToyFare Custom Contest

01-02-03  This is one of those stories that I almost hate to write, but feel I should.  If anyone who might read this doesn't read ToyFare, and doesn't visit the Stikfan's Forum, you may be interested to know that in issue #66 of ToyFare magazine, there is a two page spread for a Stikfas customizing contest.  The rules are fairly simple:  your custom must begin as a stock Stikfas AFK, and must be an original character.  Yes, there is fine print, but I'm not going to make it too easy and post all of that here.  If you haven't already, check it out.

Stikfas Invade the Coasts

01-02-03  There have been several recent sightings of Stikfas AFKs in Toys R Us stores along the coasts of the US.  This is great news for those Stikfans who are hesitant to get their stik-fix through an e-tialer.  As is often the pattern, the figures are expected to work their way into the interior of the country as shipping allows.  Currently, those TRU stores that stock Stikfas are carrying the Wave 2 military kits in black, green, and tan; however, once shelf space is established, we should be able to expect a quicker appearance of the Wave 3 kits (Firefighter, Samurai, and Omega Knight).


Stikfas was created in Singapore by Banyj in order to provide a toy that was customizable AND play-worthy, a toy that was a blank slate, yet super poseable. The result was the Stikfas Action Figure Kit (AFK). It is assembled in much the same way as a model kit. Assembly takes anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the assemblers skill and care. When assembled, the Stikfas AFK has 14 points of articulation and can hold an endless variety of poses. The Stikfas AFK is truly one of the most innovative toys on the market today.